WHO: Angelica Sanchez

RESIDENT OF: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

WHAT: The Ashtray


WHEN: 1988

What did I bring???

I brought this ashtray with me not knowing what its real meaning represented in my life. This humble ashtray has been my constant companion since I was 15 years old.

At that tender age I made a trip with my aunt and some Friends, my first ever without my parents, to the south of Mexico. We visited several cities and made a number of stops along the way admiring the exotic beauty and the richness of that land, its rivers, its parks and many scenic towns along the way.

In Merida we spent a whole month as guests in a convent and it was there that I began to connect with my interior persona, the one that leaves in me now and will forever be with me. It was a great experience!

We then travelled to Cancun and spent a couple of days there. We were sleeping in the classroom of a school and to this day I still remember the heat, the virgin beaches and the beige sand that looked so much like baby powder. One night we went to Hotel Crystal which I said I would always remember not realizing what I was about to experience.

There was a night club in the hotel and it was there that I experienced for the very first time the pleasure of being invited to dance by a very courteous Young man, whom at the end of the night showed his appreciation by giving me a Kiss. My very first Kiss!

That Kiss had a special and profound energy that left a thrilled Young lady with the desire to dream and with a long journey ahead of her.

That night before we were to leave the club I felt that I needed to remember that special memento so I went back to the table were we had been seating and the first thing that I saw was the ashtray so I took it and put it inside my purse.

It has travelled to many places, always by my side, until I came to Toronto.

The only other time that I shared this story was at a dear friend’s birthday some years ago. She is here tonight. Years later I learn that my story that afternoon had motivated this wonderful Project somewhat thus allowing us to share these small stories of our transit through life. This small ashtray continues to connect me with that Young woman’s awakening and her life experiences and the many significant memories that also connected me with my own spirit, with mother earth and with humanity. Thanks to this Project I was able to understand the connection between those three within me.


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