RESIDENT OF: Toronto, Ontario

WHAT: Two Candles

WHERE FROM: Palestine

WHEN: 2010

Almost six years ago, I brought two candles imprinted in Arabic to Canada from back home. I am Palestinian and home is Egypt, where I was born and raised.

Each candle is imprinted with Arabic calligraphy, each one a phrase representing two of the main things that make up who I am and my identity.

The square shaped candle’s imprint says: “The heart falls in love with everything (and everyone) beautiful” It is a famous poetic line that has been repeated over hundreds of years.

The round shaped candle has the words: “In the name of God, whatever God wills” imprinted on it.

As I lived in three cities since my move to Canada, these candles remind me of the depth and beauty of the Arabic language, my faith, and my Arab heritage.

To me, candles signify hope.

As small as a candle’s wick may be, it lights up. Where there is light, there is hope, no matter the challenges you encounter and however dark your path may be. After all, “there is light at the end of the tunnel” and this is what keeps me going: Love, Faith and Hope.


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