RESIDENT OF: Kingston, Ontario

WHAT: Wooden Pipe Wrench

WHERE FROM: Porto de Brindisi, Italy

WHEN: 1946

Pasquale Fiorino was born in Porto Brindisi, Italy. From an early age Pasquale had to join his father and 2 siblings going out fishing in the Adriatic Sea. “But my interest wasn’t casting the nets or skinning the fish. I wanted to be in the belly of my dad’s boat working on the steam engine, feeding the boiler or fixing whatever didn’t work. Dad thought me to love working with the tools and my favourite tool was this heavy, sturdy wooden pipe wrench. It weighted a ton, but whenever He let me use it I felt worthy, a champion. And soon I was master of the wrench.

Just before the war ended I felt prisoner to the allied troops and spent time in the desert across the Mediterranean. For almost 4 months I saw the sun disappear in the horizon, near my beloved Brindisi. When I was free I had an opportunity to travel to America but before I embarked I went home to say good bye to my Mama. Father had died and I found my favourite Pipe wrench in the barn. Despite being so heavy I packed it inside my suitcase. It has been with me ever since. Whenever I see it or hold it, it takes me back to my dad’s boat and those difficult but happy years out at sea and the way it held all of us as a team fighting to survive and watching each other’s backs.”


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