RESIDENT OF: Toronto, Canada

WHAT: Pre-Colombian plates

WHERE FROM: Medellin, Colombia

WHEN: 1993

At the beginning of the 70’s, these Pre-Colombian plates were almost an obligated purchase by tourists, and each time that I saw these plates on display at the stores I was tempted to buy them because they represented to me the native culture of my country that had always fascinated me in my history classes. But always somebody said to me that they were not seen well in a Colombian house, they were for the tourists… I never accepted that as the case; I bought them and I had them in my house. When I left the country these plates were the most valuable thing in my luggage; in them it brought my culture, my people and my mother country. Today they continue adorning my surroundings, accompanying me and being a small piece of Colombia in my home. In addition they have been, and they continue to be, interesting pieces of conversation with my students in my classes or while on display in exhibitions where I have presented/displayed them with great Colombian pride.


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