WHO: ZONSIRE RIONDATO daughter of Julia Márquez de Lozano

RESIDENT OF: Toronto, Ontario

WHAT: "Colgas" Cooking recipe book

WHERE FROM: Bogota, Colombia

WHEN: September 1990 after my wedding in Bogota

When I got married I had no idea how to cook despite my Mom’s best efforts to teach me. Every one of her offers to show me how to prepare a dish were declined. In 1990 I got married and I was moving to a new country, Canada. My Mom, Julia, gave me her special cooking book which was one of her Bridal Shower gifts when she got married in July 1959. Over the years she added more recipes, cuts from newspapers, and many notes, some typed and some handwritten.

It is a very special item for me and even now that the internet took over and there are lots of Cooking Books available, I still go back to it occasionally.


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