RESIDENT OF: Toronto, Ontario

WHAT: Arhuaco Hat

WHERE FROM: Santa Marta, Colombia

WHEN: April 16, 2003

There is personal meaning in the small things which shape how we see our world, special connections.

This hat has three meanings for me and they complement each other:

One is an emotional feeling because it was given to me by a person who I have a special connection to, my dear twin sister: Connection to our sisterhood.

The next meaning is what it represents as a cultural expression from one of the nicest people in my country, the Arhuacos native people: Connection to the big brothers.

The last meaning is that this is a natural piece of art, where a clear geometry defines the hat’s shape, the natural fiber materializes it and its natural colour shows off its purity, minimalist as it is: Connection to the Mother earth.

These three meanings together represent the connections.


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