RESIDEN OF: Toronto, Ontario

WHAT: Singer Sawing machine

WHERE FROM: Medellin, Colombia

WHEN: 2004

How could I possibly leave my sawing machine behind? It was a Christmas gift I got when I was six years old. Where I come from the children receive their gifts from the baby Jesus not from Santa Claus, and baby Jesus brought it to me that Christmas.

It was a faithful gift from my aunt, whom had no children. Her gift touched my heart profoundly for two reasons: First, I discover that it wasn’t Baby Jesus who really brought the gifts, something that I had been suspecting already, and the other was that she gave me a priced possession she had had for a long time that was important to her because it had been a gift from her husband: A small and very beautiful sawing machine.

This sawing machine was my preferred toy for years. I used to make dresses for my dolls and often got my ears pulled because I would steal pieces of cloth that my mother used to keep to make clothes for my brothers.

Destiny dictated that I would not have children but I had the good fortune of being an aunt to 9 nieces and nephews to whom I have given my love, specially when they were little and over the years I have seen that love grow because they have returned it in memories like the one I hold of my aunt Rosa that now rests in peace.


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